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Photography And The Art of Pre-visualization

I have been a photographer and tutor for over twenty years and have been lucky to instruct hundreds of student workshops with a huge range of abilities. Most beginners struggle with trying to recall large amounts of technical stuff they have read in books or maybe Googled. There is simply too much to remember, too many numbers, settings and rules!

One thing that has dawned on me is that that all cameras have the ability to perform six basic functions. I can teach you what they are, how to ‘pre-visualise’ your final image, and make some simple decisions to help you achieve the result you intended.

This is not complicated and is just a matter of understanding when to force the camera for instance, to run faster or slower, without necessarily knowing all the technical numbers and theory.

At the end of the day, a camera is a box with a hole in one end and pair of curtains in the other! I can show you how they work together to create an exposure, and how to change these settings to achieve a variety of effects.

All you need to know is what kind of photograph you want to take, and follow my simple guidelines. For you convenience, I have prepared a 1 page A4 leaflet which this helps to explain this simple relationship, and allows you to pick the settings which you feel are best for your intention.

For example: Want a blurred background for a pleasing portrait? A sharp picture of a landscape. Smooth water in a river? A dog frozen in mid-air jump?

All of these are easily achievable by understanding if you need to slow down or speed up the camera, or open and close the lens. It is not necessary to know all the numbers on the camera, as long as you know what a big hole (aperture) in the lens does, and what happens when we choose a small hole.

Sound too good to be true? Hundreds of students can already attest to my style of teaching. Plain English, practical examples, patient explanation.

Have a look at some of the workshops on offer and give me a call if you would like further advice. All workshops can be run as a 121 private session, or hourly rate for those with a spare lunchtime or evening.

Group workshops run mainly on a weekend.

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