Three hour photography workshop to help you move off auto.


Venue: Studio 32, 2nd Floor, Beaverhall Arts, 27 Beaverhall Rd, EH7 4JE Free Parking

Perfect for beginners, teachers and students. Understand your new camera functions and features on my three hour introduction to better photography.

  • Please check you have booked the correct time slot
  • Morning: 10 am – 1pm
  • Evening: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Email for 121 workshops and 1 hour sessions from 30.00 per hour.
  • My unique worksheet is included on all courses.

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Discover the secrets in my three hour photography workshop.

Join a small fun class with other beginners and start to gain more control of your camera.

  • Three hour photography workshop in easy steps.
  • Taught in plain English by an experienced tutor.
  • Quick overview of lens and body.
  • Menus: How to access both menus and why.
  • Common shoot modes and external buttons.
  • Which Mode? Symbol or P A S M?
  • What does the stuff on the screen mean?
  • Setting Focus Points for arty images.
  • How to change Aperture and ISO.
  • What is my Shutter Speed and why is it important?
  • Avoiding camera shake and blurry images.
  • What do all those numbers mean?
  • Taking pictures and reviewing info on the screen
  • Making images lighter and darker, in camera.
  • Basics of composition.

What will I learn on this three hour photography workshop?

This is the ideal photo course for complete beginners, or those with new cameras that want help with the controls and buttons.

It is designed as a fun, short 3 hour starter session with an emphasis on playing with the camera and exploring some of the key functions with a beginners guide to getting correct exposures.

The photo workshop is limited to 3 hours so that you avoid brain fatigue, and acts as a preliminary class for further more in-depth workshops, should you wish to improve. A worksheet is provided to help you remember what buttons do what!

If you have a small group of friends and family that wish to attend together, then get in touch to arrange a date and a discounted group rate.

Great for teachers or Duke Of Edinburgh students wishing to brush up your knowledge and practical skills.

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28 April 10 am, 10 May 6.30 pm, 26 May 10am

Workshop Info

Morning: 10 am – 1 pm
Evening: 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Studio 32, 2nd Floor Beaverhall Arts, 27 Beaverhall Rd EH7 4JE
Please bring a fully charged camera and a clean, CF or SD card.
Call Tony on 07855 382 565 for entry into building.