Set-Up Your Camera in 3 Hrs of Fun


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Get to grips with your new camera functions and features in this basic 3 hours short course.
Worksheet included.

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Gain more familiarity with camera controls.

What does a camera try to do when you click the button?

  • What does a camera see?.
  • Quick overview of lens and body.
  • Menus: How to access both menus and why.
  • Common shoot modes and external buttons.
  • Which Mode? Symbol or P A S M?
  • What does the stuff on the screen mean?
  • Setting Focus Points.
  • How to change Aperture and ISO.
  • What is my Shutter Speed and why is it important? The Exposure Triangle.
  • Taking pictures and reviewing info and composition.
  • Making images lighter and darker, in camera.