Getting Up Close


  • Simple step by step guide to getting up close to your subject
  • Book a group class choosing a date below
  • Book an Open date as a 1-2-1 class any daytime or evening.
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Capture really sharp Macro and Close-Up Images

Easy guide for macro and close up photography

  • Which mode is best?
  • Which lenses can be used. The importance of distance!
  • Framing the subject
  • Lighting, reflectors and flash
  • Auto-focus, and why it can be good to switch to Manual Focus
  • Live View and its uses for macro and close up photography
  • Avoiding Camera shake
  • Do we have a Mirror Up function?
  • Let’s take a few pictures of the same subject… making one change each time!
  • Review of images and a check of the data
  • Going fully Manual, made easy
  • Extra kit and simple fixes
  • A chat about bracketing, HDR and focus stacking