Short Courses

Mini-workshops are designed for busy people on the go!!
Need an hour at lunchtime, three hours in the morning or afternoon, or an after-work relax?
Either book a regular workshop date as advertised, or call for a very reasonably priced 1-2-1 session, on any photo related subject be it Basic, Technical or Review based.
Company and club group sessions welcome.
Advice for virgin wedding shooters a speciality!
Call for an informal chat if you need advice.



Mini-sessions are designed to enhance your understanding, from basic ‘get to know your camera’ classes, to more advanced portfolio techniques.
All of these feature my unique, free, guide to the 6 things that all cameras do, and why you should know them to take better photos based on your ‘intention’.

  • Some of the topics we can help you discover
  • Clear instruction on the 6 Things Cameras Can Do, and why this is important
  • How to take control by adhering to some very simple rules
  • Overview of The Exposure Triangle and Sunny 16 Rule
  • Understanding camera functions and menus
  • Taking control of Focus… a common problem
  • Better action shots for kids and dogs
  • Sharper or moodier landscapes?
  • How to improve your portraits with blur and natural light
  • Low light and tricky situations
  • Composition and how to ‘see’ like a pro.
  • Set your camera up properly!
  • Most importantly, the Art Of Reviewing, and data recall