Blur Waterfalls & Create Light Trails


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Blur waterfalls and create light trails with this highly informative workshop.

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Create whispy, smooth water trails and streaks from car headlights.

  • How to recognise which of the 6 basic things is appropriate.
  • Overview of Exposure Triangle.
  • Which Mode is best?
  • Recognise the potential problems. What Is Camera Shake?
  • How to focus correctly, and other tricks for maximum sharpness.
  • Do we want to create really long exposures? If so, how?
  • Tweaking the exposure to keep highlight detail and lighten/darken for mood.
  • Can we do this in Manual Mode? Yes, if you want to learn, I will show you.
  • But a compact will do it also. See how?
  • Practical demo.
  • Tripod required.