Blur Waterfalls & Create Light Trails


Date and Time: Open 
Venue: Meet at Cramond Inn EH4 6NU 

Learn how to blur waterfalls, create light trails and shoot fireworks with this highly informative, fun photowalk workshop.

Walking boots and a waterproof jacket recommended.

Venue: Meet at Cramond Inn Car Park, 30 Cramond Glebe Road, EH4 6NU

Also available as a 1-2-1 workshop for private tuition

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Learn how to create whispy, smooth water trails.

Take a look at some images from Cramond which showcase this workshop

Please note this is NOT at Studio 32 in Broughton

  • Practical and fun Photowalk at Cramond Beach.
  • Learn how to freeze and blur water easily.
  • How to recognize which of the 6 basic rules apply.
  • Overview of Exposure Triangle.
  • Which Camera Mode is best?
  • What are the potential problems. What Is Camera Shake?
  • How to focus correctly, and other tricks for maximum sharpness.
  • Do we want to create really long exposures? If so, how?
  • Tweaking the exposure to keep highlight detail and lighten/darken for mood.
  • Can we do this in Manual Mode? Yes, if you want to learn, I will show you.
  • A Compact camera can also achieve this effect. See how?
  • How to change colours in camera.

This workshop is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and learn some new skills in a fun environment.

On the walk, you will learn the importance of ‘pre-visualization’ as Ansel Adams called it, and how it informs the settings that you choose, rather than relying on the Auto features in the camera.

For example, I will show you that taking a picture in Auto simply records a ‘snap’ of a waterfall, but with a little thought you can either speed up or slow down your camera with dramatically different results.

Both the above images were taken, hand held, on a compact camera, within 1 min and with no Photoshop. The colour was adjusted with a simple in-camera adjustment and a little contrast was added afterwards.

The ability to ‘speed up’ and ‘slow down’ are two of the essential six things that I teach to beginners, and this technique can easily be transferred to Landscapes, Fireworks and Light Trails.

  • A tripod is helpful but I have a spare.