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Choose from a selection of excellent Photography Workshops from the drop down menu, or browse the print gallery for high quality photo prints, canvas and gifts.

Who are our workshops for?

Beginners or anyone wishing to learn more about their cameras,  ‘Move off Auto mode’ or improve their general photographic  knowledge:

121 or couples who want to fast track, or learn a specific technique.

People who like to combine a walk with a photo expert… a great Voucher Gift.

Companies who want advice on updating their website images or want to train staff to take product shots or update stock library images.

Schools and institutions that would like an industry perspective or help a teacher with new skills. Or to help deliver a comprehensive beginners workshop broken into hourly sessions over the course of a term.

Clubs and individuals who would like to attend informal social meetings to chat about gear, review images and have some fun.

Why Choose Our Workshops?

I have been a published photographer for over 25 years, and taught a multitude of professional photography workshops in London and Scotland for the previous ten.

Over 2000 students of all ages and skill level have benefited from my experience and understanding, and I have developed a unique method, which I believe addresses two BIG issues.

Firstly: Photography tends to be taught at the technical level, and requires you to retain a lot of ‘information’, which is hard to remember.

Secondly: Nobody teaches you ‘Why’ you are aiming the camera, or What Is Your Intention?’ Once you ask yourself this fundamental question then you are ready to discover the following secrets.

There are 6 Basic Things that all cameras do.

Discover what they are, how to control them, and see the amazing results.

All you need to ask yourself is…” What am I trying to do.”
I will explain why this is a great starting point, what these simple 6 Basic states are, how to control them easily, with little technical knowledge, and by understanding a couple of simple guidelines.

I have developed a simple chart which I will give away on my workshops,  and explain in plain English how to use them to shoot all manner of subjects with ease. It can even be stored on your phone for easy reference!!

Workshops can be on a 121 basis, or 2 people can attend if you wish to come along with a friend. There are also small beginners group workshops throughout the week and the weekend, which are broken into small, bite-sized sessions which allow you to build your knowledge in manageable chunks.

The key to improving is practice!! Therefore, I run fun, local photo walks to help you practice what you learn, and also get some exercise, and specific  ‘How To…’ sessions which may be on subjects such as ‘Light Trails or ‘Blurring Water’; simple ‘How to focus your camera’ or maybe fashion based, studio portrait sessions with a model and make-up artist. 

For a more discerning Stag or Hen do with a difference, I can take a small group around the beautiful city of Edinburgh on a walking tour, providing advice on how to improve your general photos and composition, and take in a couple of pubs en-route for some fun refreshment and picture reviews from an expert. Or you can visit the studio for a fun filled portrait session and I will show you the ropes of studio portraiture, then visit the excellent local pub for a wind-down. Email for info and to book a date.

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