Welcome to the Bluetone Shop. We have a selection of photo and video service, art prints, and workshop to help you craft, hone and experience photography in every possible way.

Why Choose Our Workshops?

I have been a published photographer for over 25 years, and taught workshops in London and Scotland for the previous ten. Over 2000 students of all ages and skill level have benefited from my experience and understanding, and I have developed a unique method, which I believe addresses two BIG issues.

Firstly: Photography tends to be taught at the technical level, and requires you to retain a lot of ‘information’, which is hard to remember.

Secondly: Nobody teaches you ‘Why’ you are aiming the camera, or What Is Your Intention?’ Once you ask yourself this fundamental question then you are ready to discover the following secrets.

There are 6 Basic Things that all cameras do.

Discover what they are, how to control them, and see the amazing results.

All you need to know is…” What am I trying to do.”
I will explain what these simple 6 Basic states are, and how to control them easily, with little technical knowledge, and by understanding a couple of simple rules.

I have developed a simple chart which I will give away on my workshops,  and explain in plain English how to use them to shoot all manner of subjects with ease. They can even be stored on your phone for easy reference!!


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