Adventures in Photography

Edinburgh and London based photographer, film maker and image consultant working from a hi-tech art studio in Broughton.

I believe that constructing memorable images is a combination of past experience and aesthetic judgments filtered through the prism of whichever books, music and films an artist has enjoyed over the years, in conjuntion with the environments, people and life-choices that inevitably colour this judgment.
There has to be a degree of atmosphere and empathy with the subject matter, most notably ‘light’ which adds a sense of narrative or mood to an image. Photography is not simply a technical exercise to me.
The best images linger in the memory, and add a sense of wonder.
I strive to add a storytelling element to my pictures, a hint of an underground narrative that evokes a mood or ‘event’ and lean heavily on certain style of films and music to convey this atmosphere.
Latterly, I have been experimenting with vintage lenses and ‘Frankenstein’ camera creations to fulfil this brief, and now prefer to make exposures which are less processed in the editing room, more immediate and less saturated in style, with subtle lighting.