Adventures in Photography

Edinburgh and London based photographer, film maker and image consultant.

Photography is not simply a technical exercise to me.

The best images linger in the memory, and add a sense of wonder.
I strive to add a storytelling element to my pictures, a hint of an underground narrative that evokes a mood or impending 'event', and lean heavily on certain styles of film and music to convey this atmosphere.

As owner at mrbluetone, I bring over twenty years of high level experience on studio, location and film based projects to help you find creative solutions to your websites, events, and print and POS.

I also provide a comprehensive training programme (including bespoke one day and short workshops) for staff, schools, PR and small businesses that would like to learn how to take their own images (for in-house stock libraries and website products for example), and can advise on technical fundamentals, creative solutions, workflow process and editing. 

Contact me for some sound, friendly advice on how mrbluetone can help you achieve a more professional 'look and feel' to your projects and marketing.

Quotations are reasonable and reflect the experience and professionalism of the team.